Kinilaw na Tanigue or kilawing Tanigue sour orange juice salted fish is a kind of Filipino fish cut into cube and cured mixture of calpans fillets, fresh ginger, onions, peppers and spices. Calamansi (scientifically known as Four Seasons Orange) is a small fruit, such as lime. This has a sourRead More →

The classic BLT gets a new and delicious twist by adding a crispy crappie fillet. Serve it with homemade herb mayo on lightly toasted bread with a side of chips or potato salad. This is a fine lunch after a morning on the water. For each sandwich . . .Read More →

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Many medical institutions, including the British National Health Insurance System, recommend that adults should be at least two fish a week, and when you look at the kindness of the fish, it is easy to see why. White fish such as Haddock, Halibut, Tilapia are both high in protein andRead More →


Dredging tilapia in the sour soup is a light fish dish, I choose to prepare for today’s lunch. At Christmas, eating too much meat and fat (New Year), there will soon be more, my body today worth a little light, healthy. This is usually done with rice but can forceRead More →