Best Northern California Fishing Options

Best Northern California Fishing Options

Northern California is a giant area, approximately 2/3 of the state with a fishing line in the sand drawn somewhere below Fresno. If your map search for fishing in California you will find plenty of northern California Fishing Options but if your search  takes you to Bakersfield, you’ve gone too far down and are now in what is considered  Southern California. And with over 800 miles of coast line, Northern California  Saltwater fishing in Northern California certainly is an intriguing option. But there are plenty of other Northern California fishing opportunities in freshwater too.

When you search for a Northern California fishing report you can discover just how many species are available for Saltwater  fishing. For example, charter boats are currently reporting catches of halibut, lingcod, striped bass, and rock fish to name a few.

Not all Northern California  fishing  is done from a boat; plenty of shore fishing is available too. Piers and jetties provide habitat and can help anglers reach deeper water. Check for more information about fishing in California  as a  valuable resource for locating the best fishing in Northern California. On this state page you’ll  be able to find information about fishing access points, camping areas,  as well as fishing reports and any special regulations, licenses, or notices if designated as a conservation area or reserve.

You’ll also find information about freshwater Northern California fishing may be grouped by technique (ex. “fly-fishing”) or water type such as river or lake.  For trout fishing in Northern California as well as salmon fishing information, start your search in “river” reports. “Lake” reports will include additional trout info including lake trout (which locals may refer to as a “mackinaw”) action as well as catfish, giant largemouth bass, and crappie.

The toughest part of Northern California saltwater fishing, or any Northern California fishing may be deciding where to start, because it all looks so good! Before you go, make sure you have a California state fishing license.

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