Casting vs Spinning Rod

Casting vs Spinning Rod

Casting vs spinning rod. Two very different styles of fishing rods each intended for a certain style and technique. If you’re looking to learn about the key features and benefits that differentiate a casting vs spinning rod, you’re in the right place. We’ll also touch on whether to use a casting vs spinning reel for your rod.

Features & Benefits of a Casting Rod

Casting rods are sometimes referred to as “baitcasting rods” and are typically paired with a baitcasting reel. Learning to use this setup requires more of a learning curve, but will result in precise casting and pinpoint accuracy, enhancing your overall skillset as an angler.

  • Often includes a “trigger” element located on the reel seat that gives you added casting control
  • Smaller guide eye sizes
  • Bait-casting reel is secured on “top” of the rod
  • Sensitivity makes it ideal for fishing with lures and deep-jigging
  • Ideal for casting heavy lures
  • Best used for technical applications like sight-fishing

Features & Benefits of a Spinning Rod

Spinning rods allow for similarly precise casting and are typically paired with spinning reels. The combination is preferred by beginners, but is widely-used by anglers of all skill levels.

  • The guide eye sizes are noticeably larger near the reel seat and become smaller toward the rod tip
  • Spinning reel placement is “under” the rod
  • The reel support arm is gripped similarly as a casting rod trigger
  • More ideal in windy conditions than a baitcaster as you won’t need to worry about the undesirable backlash effect
  • Easier to access and adjust the drag while fighting a fish
  • Ideal for casting live bait and smaller lures
  • More forgiving when skipping lures and baits under docks, mangroves, and low-hanging trees

What About Casting vs Spinning Reel?

Your best bet is to pair a spinning reel with a spinning rod and a baitcasting reel with a casting rod.

Casting vs Spinning Rod: Which is Right For You?

The short answer: it depends. Take a look at the features and benefits of both and you might find that one is a better fit for the type of fishing you enjoy. If you’re new to fishing, we recommend starting out with a spinning rod to build your skills. If you’re more advanced and ready for a new challenge, we recommend trying a casting rod and baitcaster setup. You can’t go wrong either way! Good luck, we look forward to a positive fishing report!

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