“Croc launched at me, while he couldn’t open his gob”


“Wildlife officers are attempting to make contact with the man,” she said.

A Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokeswoman said the department received a second-hand report on Saturday that an approximate 2.5 metre crocodile had lunged at a man while retrieving his boat at the Victor Creek boat ramp near Seaforth.

“Recent crocodile sighting signs have been deployed and wildlife officers have conducted a number of land and vessel based surveys of the area, however no crocodile has been observed.

“Wildlife officers will be conducting a further survey of the area tonight (Monday).”

The spokeswoman said the public was urged to report all crocodile sightings to the department by phoning 1300 130 372 so that wildlife officers could investigate the report.Panerai Replica Watches

“Timely reports greatly assist EHP in its crocodile management efforts and all reported croc sightings are investigated,” she said.

“Mackay is well within known Croc Country and members of the public are reminded to always be Crocwise in Croc Country.”


JAIMIE Ord got the fright of his life when a crocodile lunged at him while he was pulling in his boat at Victor Creek boat ramp at Seaforth on Saturday.

“We got back at 7.15pm from the Smith Group, I put my son in the car, backed it down and started winding up the boat,” he said.

“I heard a splash behind me and there was a croc there and he bumped my leg.”

“He launched at me but he couldn’t open his gob because it was low tide and he couldn’t open his mouth enough to grab my leg.”

Mr Ord said he bolted into the car and his son Michael asked him why he got in so fast.

“I told him ‘there’s a bloody crocodile out there’,” he said.

The keen angler said other people had been lining up at the ramp to launch their boats at the time, and he warned them about the incident.

Normally, Mr Ord said, his son would have been the person bringing in the boat.

“This particularly day I did it myself and just as well,” he said.

Something had to be done about crocodiles in the region, Mr Ord said.

“There is the basic warning sign, but there has to be a local sign saying one’s been sited at the ramp.”

He also thinks the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection should be relocating problem crocodiles.

“I don’t really want to see them get culled, it’s a last resort, but at least we should have a relocation program to get a few out of our local system,” he said.

This is not the only time Mr Ord has encountered a crocodile.

“I had another encounter at Rocky Dam (Creek), the croc was just drifting down the river and we were anchored up and its head hit the boat.”

Mr Ord said he would not be fishing the creeks anymore but would stick to the ocean.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection has been contacted for comment.

If you see a crocodile, phone 1300 130 372 to report it.

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