Angler claimed he spotted “eight foot croc” near boat ramp

Mick Day’s post late last night said the croc had tried to attack but his jaws were obstructed by the ramp. A FISHING enthusiast has posted to Mackay Fishing’s Facebook page warning of an ‘8 foot croc’ at the Victor Creek boat ramp, near Seaforth.

“Righto everyone, no joke on this one! About 8 foot long croc just had a go at a guy down here at the Victor Creek boat ramp. He came out from underneath and nearly got his leg but the underside if the ramp stop his top jaw from opening up all the way.

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Mr Day hoped to warn incoming fisherman of the danger and put the call out for a ‘recent sighting’ sign to be erected.

“There are heaps of boats in tonight down here so we need to get the word out for the guys coming back in to be careful! Does anyone know who to contact about getting a “recent sighting” sign down here please do so. Stay safe and happy fishing.”

T o report a wildlife incident or a sick or injured crocodile, call the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection on 1300 130 372.

They also have a register of crocodile sightings-confirmed and unconfirmed.

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