The Fishing Report I follow fishing reports not just from local sources, but also around the country. When I travel, I am going to go fishing while I’m there. That is just understood. And there are many suppliers of current fishing information, from the outdoor section of local newspapers toRead More →

The Saltwater Fishing License No one bats an eye about a freshwater fishing license, but in recent time more coastal states have added saltwater fishing licenses to the mix. They’re new to most states, so here are answers to 4 commonly asked questions.   Who needs a saltwater license? LikeRead More →

Local Fishing Information Sources “90% of all fishing knowledge is local knowledge.” – Noted Fly fisherman, Lefty Kreh, from 1001 Fishing Tips by Lamar Underwood Bait or tackle shops are known to be a great source of fishing information, but other businesses may provide a wealth of information as well.Read More →

Five reasons you need a fishing license I told my teenage kids that the fishing season was approaching and we needed to get their fishing licenses purchased.  One of their friends asked if he could come along. “Sure thing,” I said.  “Do you have a fishing license?” “No,” he said. Read More →

E-fish-iency When I take a beginner fishing, I think of myself as a fishing guide. My goal is to put them on fish — soon and often. I set them up with my best educated guess of a lure, instruction of where to cast, and how to retrieve. Then I doRead More →

5 Super Cool Secrets About Fish Stocking Fish populations are managed in a number of ways, but one of the most important ways is through federal or state-initiated fish stocking efforts. Fish stocking uses hatchery-reared fish to enhance existing fisheries and build populations of certain species within particular bodies ofRead More →

4 Tips to Help Beginners Land Fish As soon as it warms up just a little more, I’ll be fishing. So don’t even bother calling. I’ve got a list of places to cast that will fill a page and big plans. Among those plans are taking some beginners fishing. ForRead More →

Innovative Features You Wish All New Fishing Boats Had You might be a fan of fishing boat features like large decks with plenty of room for fighting fish, extra rod holders, LED interior lights, dual livewells or over-sized windshields. Regardless of which bells and whistles are your favorites, if youRead More →