Sturgeon Fishing in Minnesota Anglers who want to catch really big fish this spring should consider going to northern Minnesota’s Rainy River. The Rainy is one of the nation’s premier springtime lake sturgeon fishing destinations. It holds sturgeon that weigh up to 100 pounds or more. Fish in the 20-Read More →

Improved Clinch Knot: Fishing Knot Tying Steps The improved clinch fishing knot is an easy and reliable terminal knot to tie when attaching a hook, swivel, or fly to your leader line or tippet. Many anglers like to use this knot when light tackle fishing or freshwater fly fishing becauseRead More →

Trout Streams of Minnesota Trout anglers who are drawn to the sights and sounds of flowing water have plenty of fishing opportunities In Minnesota. The state is home to more than 3,800 miles of trout stream. About a fifth of these waters are located in the extreme southeast corner ofRead More →

Planning Your Trip for Tuna Fishing in San Diego While researching where to fish in California, you won’t have to look long before finding information on the renowned tuna fishing in San Diego.  “Sorry, Charlie,” but San Diego tuna fishing is one of those trips that remains on my “minnowRead More →

Best Beginner Fly Rods: What to Look For The introduction to fly fishing can be intimidating. There are different terms, additional knots, and the reel isn’t even really used for casting. However, good beginner fly rods, along with additional fly fishing gear for beginners can be found in handy pre-packagedRead More →

5 Reasons to Get Your Fishing License Online When the bite is on, what's the quickest and easiest way to get a fishing license? The answer to that question is easy; get your license online. All you have to do is search "get fishing license online" or head over toRead More →

Saving species through fish and wildlife conservation The National Wildlife Federation's recent report on wildlife and fisheries shows that as many of 1/3rd of America's species face the risk of extinction.  The New England brook trout in the eastern half of the country is only 10 percent of what itRead More →

Todo por el Amor a la Pesca En el pasado, casi todos los que conocía eran hombres pescadores. Uno era mi padre, otros eran mis maestros de escuela y entrenadores, y el resto eran mis amigos. Dependiendo de la temporada, atrapamos todo tipo de truchas y róbalos, y si noRead More →