3 Must-Know Beach Fishing Rigs for Beginners Surf fishing is popular in coastal regions because anyone with access to a beach can do it! No boat required. To get started with surf fishing, you’ll need to have the right equipment. Once you’re geared up, you’ll need to know essential beachRead More →

Favorite Fish Species to catch this fall Some of the best fishing happens during fall when the temperatures are cooler, leaves start changing color, and you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. During fall, fish are more active during the day because they are eating more to put on weight for theRead More →

Tautog Fishing Tips: Where to Go & What to Use Photo credit Earl Evans   Tautog fishing tips are often in demand by anglers who fish along the Northeast coast since this species is known to be a particularly finicky feeder. "Tog" or blackfish, as they are often called, haveRead More →

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Where to Catch Crawfish in Southern California If you're wondering where to catch crawfish in Southern California, you'll notice that state regulations refer to these freshwater crustaceans as "crayfish" instead of crawfish. Crayfish, crawfish, mud bugs, crawdads… whichever term you choose to use when inquiring about these mini lobster look-alikes,Read More →

3 Types of Saltwater Shore Fishing Rigs Saltwater fishing rigs used by shore anglers usually consists of three basic components: bait, hook, and a weight. The type of each used and the arrangement varies with the location (beach, pier, rocks) and the conditions (current, tide, waves).  Consider where the baitRead More →

Fishing for Habitat in Texas Fisheries biologists and local organizations in Texas work together to supplement degraded natural fish habitat in aging reservoirs with long-lasting, environmentally friendly artificial fish attractors. These fish attractors help increase the production and catch rates of popular sport fish by providing cover and food sourcesRead More →

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