Product Review Click here for more reviews from other customers on The Pflueger Microspin rod/reel combo is a 4’6” rod that has an action of ultralight. The reel features four ball bearings, which is less than the average rod with six ball bearings. Both the body of the reelRead More →

For me, the highest praise you can give a muskie reel is that when you wind one, you almost forget it’s there. If it’s screeching along; or regularly hitting a “speed bump” or rough spot; if it backlashes incessantly (operator error aside); if the drag sticks, my attention is distractedRead More →

Muskie anglers can give thanks for the -plethora of reel options available today. From high-line-capacity reels, to classic round options, to low-profile and line-counter offerings, there have never been more quality reels from which to choose. Since there’s no way to cover all of them in a few pages, weRead More →

Flyfishing Reels

Flying rolls can stop the fish from crisp the way and can cost you more than a day off the charter. Luckily for you, as the quality of the valve disc assembly manufacturer becomes cheaper and there are more volumes appearing able to handle the freight train station Albi’s bulldog-pullerRead More →