ISLANDS The mackerel have been a bit touchy. Until they’re ready to feed, anglers should just keep trying. A lot of solid trout were caught fishing the fringing reefs this week. Some nice examples were caught in Mackerel Bay on live fusiliers, while Double Cone Island saw some mackerel landedRead More →

The Whitsunday Inter-Club Mackerel Muster will be on July 30-31 with prizes across multiple categories including adult male and female, junior male and female aged 8-14, small fry male and female up to eight years. THE Whitsundays will witness the ultimate battle of fishing supremacy this weekend with a friendlyRead More →

Basically, it’s about finding the fish and experimenting with retrieves–tackle and flies are the least of your worries. Most of us have some sort of warm water close to home, so it’s like that old Stephen Stills song, “if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love theRead More →

Tom explains in great detail all the fundamentals you need to know—understanding why trout eat batifish, what streamers to choose and why, fly line choices and much more! In the “Casting with Pete”segment at the 18:00 mark, Peter Kutzer teaches you how to double haul and how to make aRead More →

The author seeks out water likely to hold the largest fish in a stream. Photos courtesy Toby Halley You may catch fish in these stretches, but usually the big one is in a deep hole with lots of cover and a good current flowing into it. The most important thingsRead More →

On many of these small streams, there’s no room for a backcast because of all the brush and trees on the bank. That’s where the bow-and-arrow cast comes in handy. This time of year, many of us head for the high country, where streams remain cool in the dead ofRead More →