E-fish-iency When I take a beginner fishing, I think of myself as a fishing guide. My goal is to put them on fish — soon and often. I set them up with my best educated guess of a lure, instruction of where to cast, and how to retrieve. Then I doRead More →

5 Super Cool Secrets About Fish Stocking Fish populations are managed in a number of ways, but one of the most important ways is through federal or state-initiated fish stocking efforts. Fish stocking uses hatchery-reared fish to enhance existing fisheries and build populations of certain species within particular bodies ofRead More →

4 Tips to Help Beginners Land Fish As soon as it warms up just a little more, I’ll be fishing. So don’t even bother calling. I’ve got a list of places to cast that will fill a page and big plans. Among those plans are taking some beginners fishing. ForRead More →

Innovative Features You Wish All New Fishing Boats Had You might be a fan of fishing boat features like large decks with plenty of room for fighting fish, extra rod holders, LED interior lights, dual livewells or over-sized windshields. Regardless of which bells and whistles are your favorites, if youRead More →

The Spawning Bed In a short while rivers, lakes, and ponds will warm enough to trigger the annual fish spawning season. We’ll see bass and panfish move into the shallows and create redds with their tails. After awhile, momma fish will guard her redd from egg snatchers, and the circleRead More →

Facts About Buying a Boat That Will Impress Your Friends You’ve been thinking about buying a boat, but want to find the right resources to help you make a well-informed decision about your potential purchase. There are plenty of facts, resources, benefits and tips that you’ll find useful if you’reRead More →

Buying a First Boat I remember buying my first boat like it was yesterday. Perhaps it’s because all I have to do is to walk to my driveway and see her. It’s been 20 years since I bought her and over that time we’ve become old friends. We’ve spent aRead More →

Fish Jerkbaits

Throwing a jerkbait during cool-water periods for suspended fish isn’t anything new, but FLW Tour pro Braxton Setzer likes to dial it in by fishing two particular jerkbaits around brush piles. The pattern When the temperature of the water began to decline throughout the winter, Setzer design said that theRead More →


If you plan to travel to one of the most worthy winter  fly fishing destinations, this is what you should do. From saltwater Florida Bay to freshwater Colorado River, learn about these  fly fishing destinations and find out why it’s now a good time to visit them. Islamorada, Florida. WhileRead More →